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We would love to have you join our team of Ham Elmers & Instructors!

Each instructor will receive the 40-page INSTRUCTOR TEACHING GUIDE that gives step-by-step instructions on teaching the new Technician class materials.  You can download this free guide at www.haminstructor.com.

For more information, free Instructor Guides, discounts on purchasing Gordo's training materials, and to register as an Elmer/Instructor, please visit our Ham Instructor Website at www.haminstructor.com.  







GORDO'S SPECIAL INSTRUCTOR CLASS FOR ELMERS • Our very first free Instructor Class for Elmers was held on Saturday, October 5, 2017 at the Muth Interpretive Center in Newport Beach and was a great success! New ham instructor classes are being planned for early 2021, so please chack back here often for details. In the meantime, here's what you can look forward to:


These classes are open to club elmers interested in TEACHING with Gordon West's unique methods, demos, and materials, where Gordo will reveal  ALL his secrets for YOU to have a successful class! Pre-registration is required well before class time! Call Gordon West at 714-549-5000 Monday-Thursday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM to reserve your space today!


  • Learn how to stay on track, covering ALL the Q & A's for Technician, or General, or the Extra class you will be teaching.  Learn what it takes to teach the commercial Marine Radio Operator Class, too! 


  • Learn how to NOT teach a cram course, but rather get students to study ahead of time, so YOU can spend more time preparing them to get on the air! 


  • Find out the techniques of choosing a fun VE team to offer exams at the conclusion of your class session. Explore how they may test young kids or the elderly. 


  • All instructor candidates will receive FREE W5YI materials in this instructor class, including instructor class pre-study materials, PowerPoint DVDs , and learn about discounted student materials, and how to score free band charts and maps - and receive the instructor patch from this one day course!   




  • Register by sending an email to  to reserve your space today!  


  • Then go to www.haminstructor.com and also register online, so you can receive all of my latest classroom techniques plus instructor materials, jacket patch, and a whole lot more!  


Each special instructor class is preceded by home study materials mailed out ahead of time, long before the weekend class begins.  These are NOT cram classes for ham radio licensing!  These classes are for LICENSED HAMS, who want to become SUCCESSFUL HAM INSTRUCTORS!  Once again, don't forget to register by sending an email to  to reserve your space today!





Pacificon Newsletter

Ham Instructor Newsletter

From Gordon West, WB6NOA

Published 04 Ocober 2023

Gordon West

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2024 Training Resources

  Latest Gordon West Training Resources From Ham Radio Outlet!  

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Amateur Radio License Preparation Books & Software • Commercial Radio License Study Books & Materials

Books on CDROM For Computer / MP3 Players • Morse Code Tapes & Software on CDROM

Books with Practice Exam Software • Educational Electronic Books


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If you are teaching a ham radio class, or you are part of a club offering ham radio training, we offer quantity discounts on all of our products. This program is managed by our distributor, Ham Radio Outlet.

All of Gordo's Training Materials are sold by leading ham radio dealers throughout the country.  From time to time, local dealers may sell out of a specific product, but there is always a full selection availale of all of Gordo's training resources through the Ham Radio Outlet website.  Ordering is easy, secure, and with VERY FAST SHIPPING!


Toll-Free Order Line 1-800-444-4799


Order Online at www.hamradio.com





All quantity orders are accompanied by free training materials from selected ham radio manufacturers:


  • Frequency Charts
  • World Maps
  • Sample QSL Cards
  • $10-$50 Equipment Discount Coupons
  • Band Charts
  • Graduation Certificates
  • Catalogs
  • Graduation Materials 


Each instructor will receive the 40-page INSTRUCTOR TEACHING GUIDE that gives step-by-step instructions on teaching the new Technician class materials.  You can download this free guide at www.haminstructor.com.



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